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We Are So Happy You Are Here

"A Call-In Is Actually A Call-Out Done With Love And Respect"

-Loretta Ross 

Our Vision

Founded in 2020, The SJ Call-In Coalition is calling in the community to celebrate differences, create relationships, empower disenfranchised groups and to foster diversity in an effort to create a more INCLUSIVE, SAFER and HEALTHIER community!


2023 is here! We want to know if you will take the pledge this year and become an UPStander in the community with us! Having hard conversations with others is one of the first steps when creating a SAFER, HEALTHIER more INCLUSIVE community.

Take the journey with us this year and engage in workshops and community building along the way! Check out our events page for updated events! 


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We want to just say up front, we do not know all there is to know about
We are a group of community members that have a passion to learn more about those topics and to apply what we learn to the St. Johns community to make a positive impact. 

Pride 2022.png

We are raising money for decorations, entertainment and everything in between for our yearly Pride Event held downtown St. Johns! I know some people want to get involved but don't have the time to donate, but might have some money to donate! Anything will help! We want this event to be bigger and better than last year, and with your help we will get there!


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2023 Event Schedule

Check out our list of events we have planned for 2023. Keep an eye on our event page to get more details about the events. We are always looking for people to help plan events and to volunteer at them! Let us know is you can help out, reach out through our contact page or even in the chat!

We believe one way to combat stereotypes and biases is to CREATE RELATIONSHIPS with people who are different than you. 

We will do our part to end stereotypes and biases by spotlighting  a SJ business or individual  every month in an effort to get to know the people in our neighborhood and to CELEBRATE OUR DIFFERENCES.

Check out the "These Our The People In Our Neighborhood" page to learn about the people in our community!

We believe one way to FOSTER DIVERSITY is to learn about the world around us with an open mind. We also believe that we can empower disenfranchised groups by giving people a voice!

We will do our part to foster diversity by bringing training opportunities and facilitating difficult conversations around topics including but not limited to: Racism, Calling-In Techniques, LGBTQ+, Human Rights, Poverty,  Building Relationships and whatever else might be on your mind.

Our goal is to hold these events the third week of every month, either in-person or online. The exact day will be determined based on availability of guest speakers and organizers. 

Check out our "Events" page to learn about the upcoming events and training opportunities!

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